Welcome dear visitors

This is a public website that aims at providing an opportunity for interaction and cooperation among the visitors who are seeking to establish their enterprises and projects. It is noticed that enterprises and economic entities are in general very few and the number of job seekers is exceeding the available job opportunities , Thus it would be a good idea if people can cooperate together in a joint and collective endeavor to face this challenge.

Launching an enterprise requires that he who owe the money should also provide the other essential elements for production, and this could be very difficult and discouraging for people who want to launch an enterprise and establish an economic entity. Since everyone has something special and different than the others .

So if we cooperate and focused on team work we could overpass this challenge and we could successfully launch small and medium enterprises which are very fruitful. Such enterprises can grow day by day providing good for humanity in general , especially if these enterprises are concentrated in one area and are geographically adjacent to each other.

We should do something new to facilitate joint individual investments , which would allow interaction among people and achieve mutual benefit among them. People should interact in order to integrate and cooperate together and achieve mutual benefits.

If you got the opportunity to reach to others and introduce yourself and promote your assets and qualifications through a free advertisement which take into consideration your geographical location on the map , it will be easier for those who live close to you or work in the same area to contact you and get to know about the means to cooperate with you .

Investments should not rely only on the owner of the business to provide all the elements necessary for production, a real investment should be based on the idea that everyone has a particular element, and through cooperation with others; who have different elements, a kind of integration can be realized leading to the successful launching of new enterprises that can increase along time. It is better to establish enterprises and economic projects in areas that are adjacent and near each other to facilitate movements and interaction among people who share similar habits and traditions, which would help the success of these enterprises.

Based on this idea , this web site is electronically linked to google map , so as to allow easier and quicker research for elements of production based on the geographical location.

This is a free website and it is intended to keep it that way as it aims at the welfare of people around the globe through providing them with an opportunity to interact and share their knowledge and qualifications that can be assets , raw materials , real estates and machines etc..

This website is established out of the idea that team work and cooperation are essential for achieving development.